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10+ Fed Up Employees Who Left The Saltiest Notes For Their Co-Workers

10+ Fed Up Employees Who Left The Saltiest Notes For Their Co-Workers

If you have ever had a job, then you probably know what’s it like to have coworkers. The struggle of putting up with them is just too much, literally too much.

Your coworkers are both a blessing and a curse. They will help you out when you need help, will back you up in front of your boss, and will also cover your shift as a favor. But, don’t let the kindness deceive you, as they will pretty much give you reasons to hate them just as much. From leaving their pending work for you to stealing out of your lunch box, they will sure as hell annoy you as much they can! So, today we have collected for you, some of the most hilarious notes left by coworkers who are totally fed up. This will surely give you an idea of what the daily struggle of working with these devils is actually like.

Scroll down and have a look!

#1 This co-worker definitely speaks for everyone!


   #2 Not only do they give out a message they also rhyme pretty well.

#3 Taking ‘every man for himself’ to a whole new level.

 #4 And then he was fired.

#5 Please do us all a favor and recycle!

#6 When you are sick and tired of doing everything by yourself.

#7 This coworker who posted it there has a point.

#8 Talking about the real issues

#9 This is so hilarious.

 #10 This guy has definitely had it!


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