People Fat Shamed This Plus-Size Model But Then This Brand’s Mic Drop Response Destroyed The Haters

Everyone has a different body.

There is no ‘perfect’ body. Everyone has their flaws that make them unique.

The following is the perfect example of all the adversity plus size people face. You see, when an activewear brand hired a plus-size model, some were ecstatic while others were… not quite excited.

A troll came in Anna O’Briens comment section and tried to body shame her. And while she is perfectly capable of putting nasty trolls in their place, Academy Sports and Outdoors came to her rescue and they did just that!

More info: Academy Sports and OutdoorsAnna O’Brien.

Anna O’Brien has become the new face of Academy’s ‘BCG’ activewear line.

“For plus size women, finding activewear that fits and is available in-store is nearly impossible.”

“I spent 25 years waiting to be active. Now I will spend 25 more helping people of all sizes see the benefits of moving more.”

This comment showed up.

Anna didn’t get to respond.

Academy Sports and Outdoors put this person in their place for her.

Mic. Dropped.

And it definitely won’t hurt Academy Sports and Outdoors sales either.

Can we all just get along people!?

Was it the perfect response? Or did they miss something? Comment on below and let us know!

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