This Twitterati’s Fast Walker Versus Fast Walker Conundrum Hits Little Close To Home

Are you a fast walker?

Then you will definitely be able to relate to the following people. I am sure you have been in a situation when you are in a hurry, but the person in front of you seems to be taking his/her sweet time.

I mean how do you walk past them? You can’t really run through them since that would be awkward. While I know politely asking them is one way but who even does that!? I’d rather use a bell than talk to someone.


There is, however, another situation more stressful than a slow walker.

What happens if you encounter a fast walker who is only slightly slower than you? How do you pass them? I mean you can’t just walk right behind them because that would be creepy.

Twitter user Gabe Rivera addressed this annoyance.

And people could definitely relate.

Gabe seems to think shaming them is quite important.

Apparently, people have been dealing with this for quite a long time.

There are however some people who do not want to be ‘shamed.’

But we need more research to conclude the result.

Then there are the men who have to deal with an entirely different problem.

People did have some good advice though.

Some realized that there isn’t a word for this frustration.

And many hate being the ones that are passed by.

At the end of the day, it is an important subject.


That we continue to talk about.

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