A Filipino Artist Re-imagines Fast Food Mascots As Anime Characters And The Results Are Pretty Magical

Artists always play around re-imagining things, and they startle us with the results. The creative work of artists breaks down our traditional perspectives in exciting ways.

Recently an illustrator from the Philippines, known as Ozumiihas done a fantastic job by re-imagining different fast food mascots as anime characters and the results will indulge you in awe and pure delight.

These new mascots will surely change the way you look at your favorite fast food chains. Who would have imagined Colonel Sanders of KFC be in such an excellent shape?  Scroll down for the wonderful surprises Ozumii Wizard has conjured for you with her magical wand.

#1 KFC, Colonel Sanders – The Colonel Rejuvenated

#2 Starbucks – Meet the Starbucks Mermaid

#3 Wendy’s – The Naughty Wendy

#4 Ronald McDonald – The Pretty (Wicked) Lad

#5 Wendy And Ronald Mcdonald Love

#6 Burger King – Clown Or The King?

#7 Dairy Queen – The Elegance behind the “Dairy Queen.”

#8 Hamburglar – Would You Let Him Steal Your Heart?

#9 Teavana – Some Pretty Eyes At Your Service

#10 Denny’s – For Sleepless Nights

#11 Jack In The Box – Heart Skips A Beat?

#12 J. Co – Looks Like The Service Is Pretty Hot Here

#13 Jollibee – Jolly Good

#14 Arby’s – With Cheek Bones


What do you think about these new mascots? Do you think that they can be a better representation of your favorite food chain, or would you like to try one you have never tried before? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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