Internet Is Going All Crazy As Video Shows All Fast Food Cup Sizes Are Same And We’re Being Finessed

Who doesn’t love a good secret?

Some juicy tidbit about the person you knew? Or some fascinating fact about your hometown? Maybe even something cool about the human body. Like how a single strand of DNA if unwound and stretched end to end is about six feet long?

Crazy, right?


Unfortunately, this secret will leave you more shocked and angry than the others.

A video on Twitter went viral that showed that fast food joints have been tricking us by charging different prices for cups that hold the same amount of liquid. It was posted by @franco_713.ย 

And Twitter was shocked, to say the least.

People chimed in to add to the theory.

Skeptics came in within minutes.

And they began scrutinising the video.

There were better ways to verify it.

It makes sense, no way.

They’re finessing you.

So the guy that posted the original video tried again.


But people weren’t buying it, they did their own experiments.

One thing’s for sure: finessed or not, that was entertaining.


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