10+ Absolutely Fascinating Thoughts That Will Just Make Your Adult Brain Gasp

The brain is one of the most intricate and fascinating portions of the human body.

Yet, it takes up only a fraction of space. However, oddly enough, there is so much the average person’s brain doesn’t know. Even though it had been in plain sight all this time.

And you know what happens when people tell you things?

Your entire worldview shifts. It’s a crazy trip. The mind is a powerful and confusing place!

1. We’ve been lied to for all these years!

2. Who would’ve thought it was this easy?


3. A toast to the unknown.


4. You’ve got to try it to find out.


5. Me, myself and I.


6. Leaving us speechless.


7. How old are people born in ’68?


8. The last generation of awesome.


9. Santa isn’t real kids.

10. How do I let this go?

Nat McAtee

11. Does it now?


12. The order of the world has been restored!

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