Famous soccer players are defending an 8-year-old-girl disqualified for her short hair

A girl got kicked out the tournament, because of her short hair.

Are you a girl with short hair.? Well, then I am sorry to say that you can’t play soccer. Wait, that doesn’t sound right. Except, that’s exactly what happened to an eight-year-old girl named Mili Hernandez.

Mili and her team were in the finals of a local tournament held in Nebraska. The team was disqualified, however, before they could compete. Now, this may sound weird, but the Organizers actually thought Mili was a boy because of her short hair.

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Her story soon garnered the world attention.

Her parents were ready to provide proof of her gender. However, the Organizers didn’t listen. Even Mili Hernandez commented on that. “When they look at me, they think I’m a boy but I’m really not.”

Abby Wambach, a great U.S Soccer player called Mili ‘inspiring’ and a ‘natural born leader’.

Abby Wambach continued.

“You can do anything you want to do and you can be anything you want to be, And guess what? You can look like whatever you need to look like to do it.”

Even Mia Hamm urged Mili to visit her at Team First Soccer Academy Camp.

Two-time world champion Mia Hamm was also quick to support the eight-year-old. She invited her to come to her Soccer Academy Camp.

The support, however, did not just stop there.

It continued to grow as many professional soccer players started to message her.

Australia’s Lydia Williams said as she posted a picture of herself with short hair. “Guess I should have been disqualified too.”

“I’ll second that” – Orlando’s Maddy Evans.

Even Haley Carter was quick to post with the hashtag.


The Organizers were quick to admit that it was a mistake.

They might have just said that because of all the backlash that they received. They claimed the mistake was because of a misprint on the team’s roster. Whether you believe them or not. Mili and her team still couldn’t play in the tournament because of this ‘mistake’.

Although, It did bring the world’s greatest soccer players together in one eight-year-olds support. And, that is a beautiful thing that nobody is going to forget soon.


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