Artist Turns Famous Movie Characters Into Cartoons & The Results Are Breathtakingly Amazing

Cartoon illustrations and caricature date back to several years ago.

Xi Ding is an Austria based artist who specializes in caricature and character design. Using his skills, he turns various characters into his own unique and often cartoon-like illustrations. He creates fantastic drawings using Photoshop, painting layers after layers until the results are achieved. Nonetheless, Xi Ding is a huge movie fan. He takes spontaneous moments from movies and portrays the characters as his own.

Xi Ding’s particular set of skills can turn just about anyone into a cartoon character. And the final results are breathtakingly amazing. The sumptuous masterpieces are almost too good to be true. His style makes it appear as though these characters have burst into the real world from the pages of comics and not the other way around.

The bright cartoon shadows and stylized work creates incredible illustrations, polishing them up as visually gorgeous. If you’ve ever wondered what your favorite movie actors will look like as cartoons, you must continue reading this article.

Scroll down to see the artist’s work yourself:

1. Re-imagining Peter Parker.

2. Capturing the intricacies.

3. Art at its finest.

4. Sharply drawn.

5. Aesthetic.

6. Golden art.

7. Drawn to perfection.

8. Feeling the refinements.

9. Spontaneous yet perfect.

10. Scarred, but not flawed.

11. Thor-tastic.

12. Every tear tells a different story.

13. Unidentifiable strength.

14. Engaging.

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