10+ Famous Cast Reunions That Will Make You Feel Old, Like Really Really Old

Are you a movie buff? Have you ever loved a movie or TV show so much that you wish you could rewatch it forever? Then I’m sure you can relate to how nostalgic and emotional it can be to see your beloved cast reunite after years. You can’t help but be more excited about the pictures which start flooding all across social media.

Be it the old class mates from Lord of The Rings when they had a dinner together after 15 years of their first film or when Mean Girls marked their 10th anniversary in 2014, both of them took the internet by storm. As much it is mesmerizing to see how much your favorite cast has changed, you also realize that you are also old now. But yes, age is just a number as long as it makes your heart throb the same on seeing them again!

When you’ll go through these pictures you’ll realize it’s just the years.


# Lord of the rings 2001 v/s 2017

#2 About Thelma & Louise: 1991 Vs. 2014

#3 Forrest Gump: 1994 Vs. 2014

#4 Married With Children 1987 Vs. 2014

#5 That ’70s Show: 1998 Vs. 2013

#6 Friends: 1994 Vs. 2004 Vs. 2016

#7 Pretty Woman: 1990 Vs. 2016

#8 Back To The Future: 1990 Vs. 2016

#9 Maid In Manhattan: 2002 Vs. 2014

#10 School Of Rock: 2003 Vs. 2013

#11 Star Wars: 1980 Vs. 2013

#12 The Nanny: 1993 Vs. 2016

#13 Ghostbusters: 1984 Vs. 2016

#14 Trainspotting: 1996 Vs. 2017

#15 Harry Potter: 2002 Vs. 2014/2015

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