61 Year Old And Her Family Figured Out The Trick To Eternal Youth

Ladies and gentlemen, the fountain of youth has been discovered.

And apparently it’s made up of vegetables and water. Before we go any further, I’d like to introduce to you the family that discovered it.

Have you figured out who the mother is? Maybe not, what about the daughters? Still no?

Let me give you a hint. One of these three is 63 years old. Unbelievable, isn’t it? The woman on the left is Sharon Hsu, and she is 36¬†years old. The woman on the right is Lure Hsu and she is 41 years old. Their mother is 63 and she is the woman in the middle.

They’re a Taiwanese family, and the local media dubbed them “the family of frozen ages”.

Their mother is a retired dancer and the eldest daughter, Lure, runs a blog and is an interior designer.

This is them with their 40-year-old daughter, Fayfay

When asked how they remained so young looking, they recommended daily doses of Lukewarm water and plenty of vegetables.

They also suggested regularly moisturising so that skin never wrinkles.

Lure Hsu (41)

Sharon Hsu (36)

Unbelievable. The fountain of youth was just water all this time.

You can check out their instagram to find out more, because Goddamn. If seeing is believing, I think I might lose it.

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