Family Spent $250 On A Family Photoshoot But It Didn’t Go As Planned And Results Are Bizarre

Who doesn’t like legos?

I mean except the whole feeling unbearable pain when stepping on one, legos are amazing. However, You wouldn’t like to look like one now would you? Well, the following family had the same idea.

You see the Zaring family was approached by a woman who assured them that she was a ‘professional photographer’. So this woman took them to the St. Louis area and decided on a $250 price for some shots.


I’m sure family sensed that something was wrong when the woman took 8 months to edit their pictures! After 8 months of ‘hard-work’ she finally sent back the few¬†pictures. And I literally have no words to describe the result.

The following scary pictures are the result of the 8 month work.

These are frame worthy alright.

Just look at the smooth skin.

The grandma looks like their sister.

This clearly work of a person ahead of their times.

Truly the best family picture of all time.

Surprisingly, the Zaring family was not at all angry.

Was there any doubt that these pictures would go massively viral?

These pictures are ringing the world together.

Is thier anything more beautiful?

I would definitely like the number of this amazing photograher as I have been looking for someone for a family shoot. And this woman seems like the ideal. What are your thoughts on the pictures? Comment on below and let us know.

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