‘Genius’ Girl Creates A Fake School Assignment After Her Mom Found Her Weed Stash

I bet most of us have been caught doing stuff that we are not permitted to do, but how bad can it get?

Well, undoubtedly not as worse as getting caught red-handed by your mother with your weed stash.

If I talk about myself, I have always been told to stay clear of drugs, bad boys, and alcohol. Since I don’t belong to a white family, I get the strict treatment of these things. Although I’m not generalizing the white community, but if we talk about the majority, it isn’t a big deal if their kids would drink alcohol and do stuff once they are adults.

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Anyway, it’s not like I have been a perfect person. I have been caught smoking, but I’m glad it didn’t create a lot of fuss, thanks to my parents but had I been caught doing weed or alcohol, I would have been grounded for I don’t know how long.

But then there’s this young girl who tricked her mother when she got caught with her stash. Her creativity is inspiring.

She made a fake school assignment which asked how parents would react if they found any alcohol, drugs or pregnancy tests in their kid’s rooms. I mean, seriously? At first, I thought that sounds childish, but when I saw what she did, it was ridiculously convincing.


Would you just look at that?

To make it seem more legit, she added the teacher’s email and phone number too. She definitely has been doing that stuff before otherwise how can anybody come up with such a pro idea?


People were amazed and curious.

But she knew what she was doing.


Now, if you take a brief look at the fake assignment she made, her plan actually worked.

Do you know how? Take a look; her mother signed it! Which means, she got convinced. Well played, young lady.

Meanwhile, some users think she’s having “Indian Problems.”

While others just admired what she did.


Then some people criticized her for not telling her mum the truth. Come on, stop being so judgmental about it.

But the people who could relate, entirely supported what she did.

A majority of people admired her amazing creativity!

I hope her mum doesn’t see these tweets. What did you think about this? What would you have done in this situation?

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