Guy Made A Fake Profile On Tinder Using A Model’s Picture To Show How Girls Respond To Creepy Messages From Hot Guys

We’ve all seen desperate guys, but how many desperate girls have you met till now?

When it comes to “ugly” guys, they complain that the majority of girls would never reply to them. They would barely show interest. But when it comes to “ugly” girls, they can still find guys who would actually be interested in talking to them, and we all know the reason.

However, we all know gold diggers exist, and so do women desperate to find someone good looking.

To prove that, there’s this guy who’s known by the name GermanLifter (a bodybuilding enthusiast, of course) who claimed that good looking guys are so lucky when it comes to getting laid. Its like they don’t even have to make any efforts. Therefore, he conducted this social experiment to prove his claim.

So, he made a fake profile on Tinder, Has anybody seen the guy from the “Call Me Maybe” music video? Well, Mr. GermanLifter used that guy’s pictures on the fake profile as he’s a very sexy guy with a perfect body that looks photoshopped because of its perfection!

After setting up the fake profile, GermanLifter started to swipe, and as expected, he began getting matches immediately.

That was pretty smooth.

It really works, guys!


She seemed hard-to-get but…what a disappointment.

Brad’s already working on that “potential.”

She got no class.

Woah, straight to the point!


The height of desperation.


After succeeding numerous times, this is what he had to say regarding his social experiment.


“I can literally say ANYTHING and still get their #. The girls often initiate first and respond immediately when I send a message. Admittedly I did get turned down a few times only because I opened with stuff like ‘let’s fukc’ (srs).”


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