Hilarious Fake FB Post Explains WW2 Better Than Your History Professor

War leaves dreadful stories and horrible impressions on minds. This world experienced the deadliest of them in the form of the two World Wars. Full of cunning plans, hideous ideologies, and intelligent strategic alliances.

From the horrible mess created by these wars, one can hardly imagine coming up with something remotely hilarious. However, a social media user has come up with an ingenious idea of imagining the course of world war in one hilarious Facebook post style.

Imagine countries creating Facebook war events, Hitler and Stalin ripping each other in sarcastic comments. The whole idea is so much interesting and hilarious. Let’s take a look at the World War 2 in an ingeniously crafted Facebook post.

The creation of The Third Reich

Germany is willing to do anything to get its hands on Poland.

“Poland you are ours!” Wait! Did someone mention Jews in Poland?

Let us Jews be in Peace you Nazi Psycho!

Well somebody has got to stop that Nazi shit… Or we should just wait and see…

The psycho clan is expanding, but the UK wants to wait for just the right moment.

Winston Churchill, my man!!! It’s on now!

The German clan frantically looking for jews…

Trees against German tanks, hardly a good plan.

Italy joins forces with Germany, though the latter seems upset by its late schedule.

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