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10+ Facts About Dogs That Will Leave You Surprised

10+ Facts About Dogs That Will Leave You Surprised

Doggos are amazing animals!

Who can say no to those adorable puppy-dog eyes, that wagging tail, and that cute little snoot? I wish my dog could talk so I’d get to know more about it. I’m sure most dog owners have wished that at some point.

Well, dogs can’t talk, but we have gathered some doggo facts for you as compensation. Read down below and be amazed:

1. Welsh myth said that during a war, fairies would ride corgis and the colours on their fur are the results of the fairies’ saddle.

2. Do you think the outline of a fist looks like a pug sometimes? That could be because “pug” is probably taken from the Latin word “pugnus” that translates to “fist.”

3. Dalmatians don’t have their famous spots when they are born.

4. This dog travelled 2551 miles during harsh winters through plains, mountains, rivers, and deserts to return to his family.

5. Most female French bulldogs have very slim hips, so we have to deliver the puppies through C-section.

6. The first thing that dog’s detect is their owner’s scent over any other smell, says a neuroimaging study.

7. Instagram pets are trending! The insta-famous Doug the Pug has a net worth of $500,000.

8. After raging fires destroyed the forests of Chile, the people trained three border collies to run in the forests carrying backpacks that dropped native plant seeds on their way.

Martin Bernetti / AFP / Getty Images

9. Dogs can now watch TV thanks to higher frame rates in HDTV. It appeared as a strobe light to them before.

10. No Golden Retriever has ever won at the Westminster Dog Show.

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11. Dogs understand laughter!

12. A guide dog named Roselle heroically guided her blind owner down 78 flights of stairs during the 9/11 attacks.

Spencer Platt / Getty Images

13. To assure another dog that they mean no harm, some dogs sneeze.

14. A bloodhound once accidentally joined a half-marathon after losing its way while peeing, and actually won the 7th position, running 13.1 miles!

15. There used to be a breed called Turnspit that existed to specifically run on a wheel to turn the meat while cooking.

16. Dogs have forever been man’s best friend! This was proven by a 26,000 year old fossil that had the paws of a dog and the hands of a baby imprinted together on it.

So what did you think of these facts? Let us know in the comments below.

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