10+ People On Facebook Who Will Make You Cringe To Your Core

The Internet is a difficult place to be sometimes.

I mean have you surfed through your Facebook for 15 minutes? It’s one cringe-worthy post after another. Some people don’t know what they’re doing at all. But it’s still kind of funny, in a weird, hahaha-omg-kinda way.

These Facebook posts are sure to make you cringe and some of these might even want to make you bleach your brain out. (Just a fair warning) So let’s start, shall we?

#1 She is not that bored.

#2 What were you expecting?

#3 They sure do like Destiny and cheap face masks.

#4 He clearly has not seen a bullet.

#5 Well if she is a virgin than her thoughts are probably clean.

#6 This is why?

#7 I think the list might be too short.

#8 Whatever helps you dear.

#9 Never jump to any conclusion.

#10 Well….

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