Artist Draws Eyeopening Illustrations Of Unapologetic Women Being Themselves That Society Won’t Approve

Being a woman comes with a few implicit societal obligations.

Such as where it’s acceptable for women to be fat (chest and hips) and where it’s unacceptable (the tummy area where the human body actually stores fat). That’s not how women are really like, and that’s a terrible depiction of them.

So, when a French artist Cécile Dormeau showed off the true, unapologetic depiction of what women are like, you bet people loved her for it. It’s bold, colourful, and honest, everything that it should be.

Source: cecile-dormeau.tumblr.com

#1 Acceptable fat storage areas.

#2 Bon-a bon appetit babyyy!

#3 The hills are alive with the sound of music!

#4 Yes, even women like playing with boobs.

#5 Patch for broken hearts.

#6 Broken dreams and a broken… You know.

#7 Camel toes.

#8 Cuddling with your cat while working.

#9 Naked cheesecake.

#10 Different body types.

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