Eye Opening Satirical Illustrations That Depict All That’s Wrong With Today’s Society

The world is a beautiful place.

But it won’t be like this for long seeing the pace at which we are trying to destroy it. We might not want to do this, but our actions prove that we do the opposite of what we want. After all, taking everything and never giving anything back can only end in disaster.

That is where Art comes in. Many artists from all around the world have created many pieces that shine a clear light on our society. And it seems that this is much needed.

Following are some of the best eye-opening satirical illustrations that depict all that’s wrong with our society. So scroll on below and take a look.

Source: engrossy

#1 A jab at Pokemon Go it seems.

#2 Kids learn from their parents.

#3 Evil always seems to find itself.

#4 The future of most chickens.

#5 Body shaming.

#6 Caring about our material possessions.

#7 Fooling ourselves with lies.

#8 We are shaving the Earth.

#9 Brand recognition.

#10 Social media wars.

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