Girl Shares Eye-opening Conversation With Her Friend Which Tells Why You Should Keep Checking On Your Friends

When it comes to depression, it’s tough for men to share their feelings.

Because guys are known to be strong, and if they are depressed, they are supposed to man up and handle it themselves instead of sharing it, but that’s not how it should be. Yes, you must ask your guy friends about their depression too because they are very hesitant when it comes to sharing.

They probably won’t open up the first time, but you must ask them if they are doing okay. Depression can lead to suicide, and that’s not something which you should take lightly. When it comes to girls, it’s pretty acceptable for them to talk about it but guys won’t do it. That can be prevented if we start looking after them too and break stereotypes.


This girl shared a story of her friend who happens to be a guy, and he sounded really depressed, but he tried his best not to show it…

As you can see, how the guy wanted to say something but he couldn’t find the words to express himself because that’s not his thing, obviously. Still, he tried, and what if he got ignored? Well, you know the consequences.

This girl shared how she lost two of her very close friends by committing suicide. She thinks it could have been prevented if only they received proper attention because both of them were male. Therefore, it changed her views and the way she sees the world. Since then, she decided to look after her friends regardless of their gender.

Here’s a little message from her.

Please, reach out. Whether that’s because you want help or because you want to give it. Reach out to your mates, both guys and girls. Ask them how they’re doing. Never be ashamed to tell someone how you’re doing, never feel the need to apologise if how you’re doing isn’t “good”. Love each other.

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