Do These People Look Better Before Or After Their Makeovers?

What do you do when life gets bad?

You do crazy stuff with your hair, of course. I know I do. Change is always good. It makes you feel better, and it especially helps if you’re planning to have a fresh, new start.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who messes around with their appearance drastically. It’s amusing. You feel different, and the look on people’s faces when they see the new you is priceless as well.

So, just to show you how fun it actually is, here are some pictures of people’s extreme haircut transformations:


#1 From long to extremely short:



#2 Different personalities?



#3 Hair dye and cut!



#4 Neat and clean.



#5 That smile, though. You can tell he’s happy with his look.



#6 Bold step.

Vinamrita Singh


#7 She looks like a model.

Vaiva Vareikaite


#8 Adorable.

Sofia Harmala


#9 “I Shaved Off My Waist-length Hair For A Cancer Fundraiser Called Bald For Bucks In June ’14 In Honor Of My Husband Who Has Fought Twice. I Donated The Hair To Wigs For Kids.”



#10 Pixie cut suits her so well.



#11 Very unexpected.

Paulina Mata


#12 For charity!

Caryn Kelleher


#13 She looks like a completely different person.



#14 Interesting haircut.



#15 Capillary Prosthesis

Hidreley Leli Dião


#16 That looks cute.



#17 So many looks in just six months!

Whittanie Bell


#18 Transition.

Susan Rowe


#19 Wow, that’s drastic.

Eleonora Bigliardi


#20 She looks beautiful either ways.

Nataliia Dmytriievska 

#21 Very decent.

Elizabeth Howell


#22 Growing them out.

Agata Schmitt


#23 They’re fluffier now!

Amrita Nagotkar


#24 She lost her hair to cancer and got them back!

Karen Lee


#25 How to deal with the heat.

Haider Ali Babar


#26 Badass bald look.

Rahul Patil


#27 Getting normal.

Kiki Muller


#28 That’s so cool.

Caressa Happe


#29 Delicate waves.

Iris van Velzen


#30 Cutting off the damaged hair.

Yolanda Luevano
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