This Extra Girl Used Extra Gum To Ask A Guy Out. It Worked, & Twitter Is Impressed

There’s an unspoken rule about class.

You never bring your gum to class. And if you do, then you make sure you can chew it, and unwrap it noiselessly, because if people know you have gum, they’ll want some.

It happened to this guy too. He sat next to a girl for the whole semester, and he’d ask her for gum every single day. And every single day, she’d give him some. That was until the final day, where she gave him the whole pack as a parting gift, as well as her number.

And boy, she did it with class.

People had their wedding planned already.


It’s just mint to be.

There was a bit of confusion too.


But in the end, he couldn’t get more gum at all.


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