10+ Clever Illustrations That Offer A Mocking Expression Of The Police Officers Worldwide

Being a police officer is hard enough.

And that is without all the citizens making fun of them. At least that is what most of you might think. In reality, however, even police officers are humans, and they make mistakes too. Although, this does enforce a massive disconnection between the public and the law enforcers.

I know that they risk their lives each and every day to keep us safe, and that means they don’t get the luxury of a social life but that doesn’t exclude them from all the controversies.

Today we will look at illustrations that offer a mocking expression of the police officer made by an amazing artist by the name Gunduz Agayev. These illustrations only show these officers in the light of what many people perceive them as.

Source: Meydan.tvFacebook

#1 Brazil.

#2 Australia.

#3 Netherlands.

#4 China.

#5 India.

#6 Azerbaijan.

#7 North Korea.

#8 USSR.

#9 Sudan.

#10 Iran.

#11 London.

#12 U.A Emirates.

#13 U.S.A.

#14 Russia.

#15 Turkey.

#15 Sweden.

Some of these paintings show them in a shining light while the other ones mock their horrific ways. We might not want to look at these illustrations, but the truth always hurts.

You can check out more of his clever illustrations that paint our world in a revealing light at his Facebook.

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