Guy’s Excuse For Not Wearing A Seat-belt Is So Ridiculous That I Can’t Even

Being pulled over by the cops can make you very anxious and nervous, even if you haven’t really done anything wrong. With that being said, it’s also not very easy getting out of these situations that is if you keep panicking and stuttering. So to get out of this whole stressing situation, some people make weird and dumb excuses, which are often totally ridiculous.

If that has ever happened to you then don’t worry, it’s okay because what you thought was ridiculous and dumb is merely nothing compared to what this guy said when he was pulled over.

The Merseyside Police in jolly old England recently caught this guy driving without a seatbelt and pulled him over. When he was asked as to why he wasn’t wearing the seatbelt he blamed everything on a ‘laughing emoji’. Yes, you read that right. A laughing emoji.

Here’s what happened afterward.

The cop couldn’t help but take a picture of the ticket and share the hilarious reasoning with the world!


That is shocking and hilarious in equal measure

— katherine hawkes (@katherinehawkes) January 23, 2018


In addition, they tweeted the entire incident using nothing but just EMOJIS. On point and quite funny actually.


And then people on the internet started making fun of the police.


And it didn’t stop there..


The mockery!

If you don’t give the cop a legitimate excuse, it will just give them the upper hand, and you will most likely end up getting a ticket. However, if you stay confident and play it cool, that just might turn things in your favor. Take these stories of people from Reddit for example, of how the cops let them go on warnings.

Sometimes you just gotta say what’s on your mind.

“Got pulled over on my motorcycle:

Cop: do you know why I pulled you over?

Me: cause I wasn’t wearing my seatbelt?

He got a chuckle and I only got a warning, next cop didn’t find it nearly as amusing”



“Cop: Were you eating an apple while driving?

Me: Can’t I eat while I drive?

Cop: No

Me: But I can smoke

Cop: Yes

Me: Then I was smoking the apple”


Who knew being honest would actually get you out of trouble?

“I once pulled myself over after I blew through a red light, since there was a cop right there (I was a new driver, saw him, and freaked out). He asked me why he shouldn’t write me a ticket, and I told him “I really don’t want you to.”

Got off with a warning.”


Lucky moments when your jokes actually work.

“Got pulled over by a cop today. (This is the gist of it not exactly word for word and the officer looked like he was already having a bad day) He goes:

Cop: “Son you know how fast you were going?”

Me: chuckle . . .

Cop: “Is something funny?”

Me: “No, officer sorry it wasn’t directed at you. I just remembered a joke about getting pulled over.”

Cop: “Well it must be real funny for you to be laughing while getting a speeding ticket. I like jokes make me laugh.”

Me: starts to tell joke “I’m sorry officer I can’t tell it like Gabriel Iglesias.”

Cop: “Who?”

Me: pulls out phone . . . slowly “Here this guy.” youtube Gabriel Iglesias

The cop proceeds to watch the video starts cracking up as a car wizzes right by him.

Cop: “ooo that was close.”

He walks over to the passenger side door opens it and gets in. And we just sit there watching Gabriel Iglesias for 15 minutes cracking up. Get out of the car and goes.

Cop: “That’s one funny guy. Now you drive safely and watch your speed. Have a nice day.”

Me: thinking did that just happen? “Thank you officer. Have a nice day.”

TL;DR Gabriel Iglesias got me out of a speeding ticket

Edit: I posted two videos that I showed the officer in some of the earlier posts. But this was the joke that I thought of that made me laugh that started this whole event.


And I wanted to try this but I don’t have the balls to try it on a real life situation.”


How about a MasterCard?

“I once handed a police officer my American Express card instead of my Driver’s license. I was tired and three miles from my house at the end of a two-week business trip.

He was totally unphased, just handed it back straightfaced and said “Sir, I can’t do anything with this.”

Got off with a warning.”



Be nice, and you will be treated nice.

“I was going 65 in a 50 and passed a state trooper in the other lane. I didn’t even hesitate, I pulled over to the side, waited for him to turn around, and come up behind me. He gets out of the car and goes “hey, thanks for waiting!” We struck up conversation, even though I was nervously babbling most of the time. Turns out he had a cousin working at the same place I worked at, and he ended up giving me a warning, mainly for “making my [his] job a little easier.”


 And finally ‘Hello kitty’ saves the day.

“My wife’s car is ALWAYS covered in hello kitty stuff. So when I got pulled over late at night while in her car, the officer asked me to get out and come to his car over his loud speaker. When I stepped out I said hello, like an idiot, and with out missing a beat he replied “well hello kitty”. Gave me a warning and sent me on my way. Tl:DR hello kitty got me out of a ticket.”



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