Vet Put This Vegan To Place Who Posted Photo Of Her Lab ‘Excited’ For Vegan Meal

Having a proper diet is essential for all living beings

While some species might not be too susceptible to minor or major changes in their daily intake, others surely are. And that includes most animals including dogs and cats. According to the available scientific evidence, dogs rely on natural protein intake for their proper nourishment.

These days, however, things are different as people are continually giving their dogs food of their own choice. For instance, vegans are giving dogs vegan meals (no meat). Now, doing this does not immediately affect a dog’s health, but instead, the health slowly starts deteriorating which the owners don’t notice. In short, by forcing your lifestyle on dogs, you are putting their lives at risk.

Take the example of this woman for instance. Recently, a woman gave a vegan meal to her lab and posted the picture online. The whole incident sparked an incredible debate and one veterinarian, in particular, explained why this was a big mistake.

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So, here’s what sparked the debate.

This person is speaking my mind, and I can’t agree more.

However, not everyone is on the same page. (Much like the person who originally started it)

So, over the years if there’s anything I’ve learned its to have your facts straight. This vet just explained more than he/she should have and it’s eye-opening.

Cats and dogs don’t function as we do. They must get proper nutrition or else they might die.

Making assumptions on animals behalf who can’t advocate for themselves is nothing but utter foolishness.

As we are already discussing proper diets and protein intakes let’s not forget about our feline pets.

Labradors are so energetic. The dog in the photo clearly isn’t.

Hard work is definitely showing!

So, what did we learn then? Feed your pets what they should be fed. Don’t force your lifestyle on animals.

Its never too late to start doing what’s right.

Here’s how people responded in general to the whole thread.

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