20+ Hilarious Examples Of Seeing Faces In In-Animate Objects

Did you ever see a weird face in an everyday object when you were just trying to mind your own business? Everyone sees different things in clouds. It all depends on our imagination. But it turns out; there is a thing called Pareidolia where we can see faces in everyday objects.

You might have thought that you were going crazy, but in all honesty, everyone tries to put on a face on an inanimate object sometimes.

Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon in which the mind responds to a stimulus by perceiving a familiar pattern where none exists. So, the face you saw in your coffee the other day.? That doesn’t mean your crazy. Unless that face was talking to you.


#1 The Scared Chicken.

Via potatofree


#2 His Reflection.

Via SupremeHug


#3 Cookie Monster Face in The Mississippi River.

Via emileif


#4 The Genius Evil Twins.

Via forbestalley


#5 Just Wait Until You See It.

Via zakarranda


#6 The Artistic Bird Poop.

Via charboodie


#7 The Drunk Dude In The Drink.

Via xsited1


#8 The Sun Goddess.

Via brianingram


#9 Snoopy Under The Moon.

Via Tacec


#10 The Sad And Tired Suitcase.

Via El_moebes

#11 The Surprised Palm Tree.

Via MrSllew


#12 Hanging For It’s Life.



#13 The Ecstatic Snow Covered Seat.

Via PainMatrix


#14 The Angry Vampire Car.

Via EpicRageGuy


#15 You Too, Buddy.

Via Dark0DZ


#16 The Evil Smoke Monster.

Via Instagram


#17 Secret Conversations Between The Pots.

Via fidlgirl


#18 The Scared Hook.

Via iNeverQuiteWas


#19 The Female Ghostrider.

Via mmtinstitute


#20 “Get Those Yellow Things Away From Me.!”

Via bartleboom

#21 “Ready For Some More Shopping.?”



#22 The Secret Glances And The Whispers.

Via hithroc


#23 The Hug Lover.

Via stfudonny


#24 Donald Trump in His Natural Habitat.

Via ThePoke


#25 The Cookie Monster Truck.

Via TheSpacePope17


#26 Conjoined Twins.

Via WtotheSLAM


#27 The Frozen Pac-Man.

Via clumsy_clumsy


#28 Donald At The Front. Hitler At The Back.

Via Chitter


#35 The Sad Mail Trucks.

Via imgur.com












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