Twitter Asked For Examples Of Double Standards & The Internet Delivered It Hilariously

The world isn’t short of people with double standards.

They don’t practice what they preach but actively criticise others. I don’t know about you, but I think people like that are absolute filth.

So Twitter user @Hashtag Roundup asked the Twitterverse to share their examples of double standards under the hashtag #NowThatsADoubleStandard, and the Internet didn’t fail to deliver.

This is what they had to say:

#1 Can’t girls just be in a bad mood?


#2 That’s just frustrating.

via @KeshaTedder 

#3 Doesn’t matter now because people dye their hair grey on purpose these days.

via @Lavendermee3 

#4 Put your shirt on!

via @FancyBlessings 

#5 Of course you hate Capitalism.

via @TedTalevski 

#6 For women, it’s fear for their lives. For men, just their expectations.

via @JoySotera 

#7 Men who cry are NOT weak.

via @RandomIgnorance 

#8 Because she probably “threatens” you, right?

via @mimidancer 

#9 Beauty standards.

via @HashtagJones1 

#10 Who are men supposed to have sex with?

via @im_srishabh21 

#11 Legs-it? Seriously?

via @HashtagJones1 

#12 Toxic. Selfish.

via @XCharlotteFoxX 

#13 Damn.

via  @GirlInHerPJs 

#14 It’s the same thing, guys.

via @MitchsBTrippin 

#15 The irony.

via @JasonFHernandez 
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