Ex-Employee Gets Savagely Shut Down On Facebook For Asking ‘Why Was He Fired’

The term ‘fired’ is a legal term used when you are terminated from a job.

And employees are mostly terminated if they do something inappropriate. Nonetheless, there is a list of things that fall under the category of inappropriate. For instance, serious misconduct such as dishonesty, assault or theft. Or even after you’ve been helped or warned, a duty of misconduct or habitual neglect.

Moreover, other reasons you can be legally fired for include incompatible conduct, competing with employers and wasting excessive time at work and willful disobedience when an employer orders any work.

The typical question an employee would usually ask after they’re fired is why they were fired. Although, out of professional courtesy, organizations avoid discussing the reasons their employees are terminated. This one employee was too persistent for finding out and, as a consequence, got savagely shut down on Facebook.


The company told the terminated employee that “out of professional courtesy, we do not discuss the reasons why an employee was terminated.” However, his persistence eventually became intolerable.

He pestered the company to advertise the reasons for his termination in public.

And for obvious reasons, that did not turn out to be in his favor.

There were a lot of things that occurred within a period of 16 days, which weren’t exactly in favor of this employee. All of these reasons were fair enough for this employee to be terminated immediately. Moral of the story: Do not pester a company to reveal the reasons you were fired on a public forum, you’ll end up regretting it later.

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