Guy’s Ex-Boss Accidentally Sent Money To Him And Then Behaved Like The Biggest Asshole Ever

What do you do when you make a mistake?

Act like a complete asshole, of course! I mean, that is the only answer I have for how this old boss was treating his ex-employee. We all make mistakes, and most of us usually tend to recognize it.

This guy, however, was being completely childish or was drunk. It could be both or either, but his ex-employee was having none of it. The boss accidentally sent the ex-employee some money through PayPal that were supposed to go to an actual employee.

Now, rather than just waiting for Paypal to complete their due process, he started pestering the old-employee. And it went as well as you could expect.

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The old boss was polite at first, and it seemed that the issue would soon resolve itself.

And so was the ex-employee explaining why he couldn’t send the money back.

And that is when it all went south.

What are his intentions exactly?

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The boss apparently thought that the employee didn’t want to send the money back.

And kept pestering him like a little child.

The ex-employee even told him that the refund was currently in process, but he apparently couldn’t read.

Does the boss know what the word ‘chill’ means?

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And then the ex-boss started threatening the ex-employee for no valid reason.

It seems that the boss just couldn’t wait to get his precious money back.

The old employee had enough and politely explained to him that it’s his own problem.

It was clear that the employee was getting frustrated.

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Maybe the old boss was drunk. It does seem likely.

But thankfully it all ended when the old boss got his money back.

Do you think the ex-boss was being an asshole or was the employee in the wrong? Comment on below and let us know.

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