Everyone Lost It As Ex BF Brought Pictures Of The Bride Giving Him A BJ To Her Wedding

Tying the knot is something to look forward to.

From an incredibly romantic proposal to planning out the wedding, every detail holds a special place in the bride and groom’s hearts. What could be more beautiful than two people proclaiming their irrevocable love for each other? Surrounded by family and friends, with everyone clinking their flutes to the happy couple. It is a moment to cherish like no other.

However, that wasn’t the case for this unfortunate wedding.

A mass brawl broke out at the wedding reception after the bride’s ex-boyfriend put pictures of her giving him a blow job on the tables! Things went south real fast at this super fancy wedding. The bride’s ex-boyfriend, who has no shame whatsoever, showed up to the wedding bearing his very own gift. And he graced every table with photos of the bride performing a sex act.


A series of videos from the wedding show that the bride’s ex-boyfriend sparked a violent fracas.

The fight spiralled out of control as the guests were seen hurling chairs and throwing punches at each other.

Shit definitely went down in here!

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