10+ Evil People Share The Stuff They Do That Make The World Just A Little Bit Worse

Have you ever done something that was pure evil?

I’m not just talking about stealing something from your brother and teasing him about it or scaring your sister off and giving her a mini heart-attack. I’m talking about the real stuff; stuff that makes this world just a little negative.

These people surely made it their absolute aim to hit the mark in making the world worse. You either will be impressed or mad at them. You could take pointers if you want.

1. Be courteous but in an evil way like MrKleft here.

I offer my seat on public transport to middle aged people to make them feel old.

2. I’m gonna take prettydirtmurder‘s advice!

I give people who don’t like me good advice so they won’t take it.

3. We all do this at some point in our lives, DMann420.

I never donate to freeware companies, and then I complain when they shut down.

4. Do not ruin the Bagel experience, OnMelancholyDare, you idiot!

I work at Timmy’s and when people who get bagels, are jerks I don’t cut their bagels all the way through. It’s not that big a thing but I know it’d ruin my whole bagel experience.

5. Who does that, whiskey_delta_6?

I add spelling mistakes to emails I’m supposed to forward.

6. So that they feel weird and walk quickly through the door? Nice noodlesandbeef.

I hold the door open for people that are too far away.

7. At least leave the kids alone, inkseep1!

I tell little kids that Santa is real and will bring them anything they want as long as they ask their parents for it enough times.

8. Pure evil, bojax22.

At house parties I help clean up afterwards but secretly hide a TV remote in a very obscure place. Potted plants are my favorite.

9. How to fool the government 101 by amikingtutorwhat.

I donate $2.01 every week to St Jude’s. Works out to $104.52 and I get to write it off of my taxes as $105.. Getting the government for .48¢

10. Way to go, HardGayMan!

I copy things from Reddit to my Facebook so my friends and family think I’m clever.

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