10+ Everyday Problems That Women Face Daily That Men Will Never Understand

Men have no idea of the struggles women face every day.

Especially while dressing up for the day. It’s not as easy as putting on a suit and tie for women. The lives of women aren’t as hunky-dory as men think. It takes blood, sweat and tears to not make their hair look like a frizzy mess.

The million hair styling products and heating tools join forces every day to make the lives of women a living hell!

And then, men expect us to be on time!

1. Finding the perfect pair of jeans is a struggle.

2. Bedhead.

3. The pain of wearing heels.

4. Finding the perfect shade of lipstick.

5. Long hair struggles!

6. The everyday eyeliner struggle.

7. When your make up ruins your bed sheets.

8. The agony of hair sticking to your lip gloss!

9. The ponytail wave.

10. There goes another ponytail holder.

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