This Married Couple Illustrate Their Everyday Problems With A Hilarious Twist

These illustrations represent married life perfectly.

Okay, maybe not truly since they did put a surreal twist on the illustrations. However, these do come very close to reality. The amazing artists behind these comic strips are a married couple from Norway.

They love to create these unique comics together that represent the everyday life with a humorous twist.

We’re a married couple from Norway who both love to create comics and amuse each other with elaborate “what if” scenarios. Some of those scenarios make it into comic strips, and hopefully you’ll enjoy them as well!


Source: Facebook | strekinstinkt

#1 Burned from the inside.

#2 Broken pinky toe.

#3 Sexy look.

#4 Lovely cat.

#5 Fluffy alligator.

#6 Time for the celebration!

#7 Little waffle.

#8 Comfortable way to sit.

#9 Loving spicy food.

#10 Feeling amazing.

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