This Artist Illustrates Everyday Life Problems As Woman And We All Can Relate So Hard

Everyday Life Is Hard.

Everyone has those days when they are too lazy to even get up. If we’re being honest, sometimes that day is everyday. A woman named Prudence knows what’s up.

She’s an artist and her illustrations show the everyday life of a woman. By woman, I don’t mean a supermodel. Just everyday average women. She draws about the strugglesΒ women go through daily. I can honestly relate with most of these.

More Info: PrudenceΒ 

#1 I Think Auto-correct Made This Even Better.

It’s possible that you guys have seen my comics float around now here and there. If you don’t know me, my name is Prudence. I’m an awkward human being, trying to find my way through life like every other twenty-something.


#2 It Might Be Too Late.

#3 That About Sums It Up.

#4 I Totally Agree.

#5 She Still Looks More Elegant Than Me.

#6 I Meant Tomorrow Tomorrow.

#7 She Still Lasted More Than.


#8 Confidence Is The Most Attractive Thing.

#9 She Knows Whats Up.


#10 Everyone Who Ever Tries Twerking.

#12 It’s Never Just A Game.

#13 Am I Sexy Yet?


#14 Confidence Is Always Sexy!

#15 Ending This With The Most Reletable Thing Ever.

She seems like an awesome person and she is dealing with a sickness. You can learn more about her on her Website where she has listed her story. She is also available for custom art. Best of all though, her website has worldwide shipping.

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