Guy Explains In Detail Why Equal Pay For Female And Male Actors Doesn’t Make Sense & Not Everyone Agrees

You’ve probably heard the statistic before.

Women earn 70 cents for every dollar a man makes. The “gender wage gap” that everyone talks about. It’s the most misleading statistic ever created because it implies things that are just not true. On average, women work less hours, and choose professions with more flexible work hours, and more benefits, whereas men work more hours, and choose professions with more rigid work hours, and less benefits.

It compares the professions of teachers, dominantly female and low wage, to the professions of engineers, dominantly male and high wage. It simply doesn’t exist. It’s been illegal in the United States to pay men and women differently by the Equal Wage Act 1963. Does sexism in industries still exist? Sure they do. But you can’t broadly paint it all as sexist and say there’s an issue here. All you’re doing is saying that women can’t choose or think for themselves and need this fake statistic to maintain a pseudo victimhood complex when they’re perfectly capable of fighting and thinking for themselves.

They don’t need you to fight for their wages. They can fight for themselves. Unless you think women are somehow less than men and need your assistance to be on equal footing.

A recent petition has people up in arms about the salary difference between the actors in a movie.

Matt Smith, hugely famous with countless blockusters under his belt, played a supporting role in a movie, and Claire Foy, who was largely unknown, played the lead role. People were offended that a supporting role was paid more than a lead role, claiming it’s sexism.

For those wondering, calling random things sexism only reduces the egregious nature of the term sexist. If everything is sexist, and 90% of those things are proven not to be, then you’re a liar 90% of the time. No one’s going to believe you, and no one’s going to care.

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The petition started in Care2.

They again perpetuated the lie.

User YurgenGrimwood brought some common sense to the table.

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