Entitled Teacher Demands Free Stickers, Gets Put In Place Hilariously

We live in a society surrounded by freeloaders.

Freeloaders who think the other person has no respect/value and is there solely to serve and please them. First, they try to intimidate you, but when that doesn’t work, they play their trump card – emotional blackmail. Notably, the Christmas blackmailing is very popular these days as it’s just around the corner. These people aren’t just regular freeloaders they are pure narcissists who think they’re entitled to special treatment.

Recently, we have seen many such behavioural examples and each one them is an exceptional case. So, today we’re continuing the trend as we bring you another story. This time it’s an entitled teacher who is trying to get good quality stickers for “free.” Scroll on below and check it all out!

Source: Imgur

So, this “teacher” decided to order some stickers for the students.

In all honesty, she doesn’t even deserve a discount.

Did she just say that?! Wow.


But, hold on! She got exactly what she deserved!

Well, that settles that. In your opinion, what’s the best way to deal with people like these? What would you suggest? Let us know in the comments below!

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