Bride Leaves An Empty Seat For Her Dead Son At The Ceremony, Can’t Hold Back Tears When She See’s Who Show’s Up

Becky Had To Experience Every Mother’s Worst Nightmare.

You see, her her son died at the very young age of 19. It was the absolute worst pain anyone could ever think of. But she’s trying to move on continue her life the best she can.

Two years after the horrible nightmare she met the man of her dreams. And it was just a matter of time until they decided to get hitched and marry.

She and her husband, Kelly, prepared for their special day with love and affection. The memory of her dead son still remained with her, it hadn’t been long enough for her to get past it. So they left an empty chair at the ceremony for him.

She Was Not Aware Of The Surprise Her Husband-To-Be Had In Store For Her.

He knew just how awful it would be for her, so he planned something. Just before the ceremony was about to start. Kelly let her know that she had to meet someone. You see, he had invited a 21-year-old man named Jacob and she knew exactly who he was. The bride immediately broke down and cried.

You see, when Tristan had died, Becky arranged for his organs to be given to those in need. Thanks to her extensive help, five people had gotten what they needed to live healthy and long lives. Jacob was the one who received the heart of Tristan.

This way she felt close to her son on her very important day. She could also feel his presence while she walked down the aisle.

Becky was also able to use a stethoscope to hear her son’s heartbeat which left her in tears. She was very excited and was even jumping up and down. Because of her thoughtful gift of life, Tristan memory will be able to live on.

‘Knowing that my son’s heart had saved the life of another young man was just the boost that I needed.’

Everyone in the ceremony was crying like a baby. I don’t blame them. I would have ended up the same way. Jacob actually flew in from San Diego because he didn’t want to miss this important day.

Maybe this heartwarming story will get you teary eyed, it will also leave a tiny smile. Everyone’s so happy that her husband thought of such a beautiful gift for her wedding day. We wish her a happy life.

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