10+ Employees Shared The Most Insane Secrets They Were Supposed To Keep At Their Workplace

Can you keep a secret?

We all have had some experience where one of our colleagues at work told us a secret which we had to keep to our self or our boss involved us in some devious project which we couldn’t discuss with anyone. Not even our own self.

This is something you won’t forget for a long time. My colleague at my own office once sent an email to the entire office which she was supposed to send to her boyfriend. The email read as follows: “I’m really sorry I couldn’t make it last night. I’ll make it up to you this weekend though ;)” So, yeah. Things like that happen.

Here we have some of the craziest secrets Redditors shared about their workplace.

1. So much for not polluting the environment.

I worked at a gas station/auto shop and I was told to dump used motor oil in the gravel behind the building because the storage tanks were full.

2. Betrayal?

This is way more lighthearted than most, but here it goes. I used to work at a fast casual burger place with a secret recipe BBQ sauce. The secret ingredient was Root Beer syrup.

3. How can someone do something like that? It’s GTA 4 for crying out loud!

I still have copies of emails from our Gamestop district manager directing us to sell through all our pre orders of GTA4 instead of holding them for the customers that reserved them because he got a commission on total numbers sold.

4. Never buying popcorn at the theater again.

At a movie theater where I used to work, at the end of the night, we would collect all the unsold popcorn and stuff it into these enormous yellow trash bags. The next morning, yesterday’s popcorn was the first to go in the warmer. My boss said that popcorn was fine to reheat and serve for up to a week. We never dated the bags, though (bags that we were not allowed to throw away. We reused them all the time) so there was literally no way to know how old the popcorn was. Not as horrifying as some stuff here, but I thought it was kinda gross.

5. Hey, isn’t this illegal?

Went to an Aveda beauty school. Every year Aveda does a big recycling cap program, since most plastic caps cannot be recycled. We collected caps for a month, and our clients were really excited to be helping the environment. After the promo was done the instructors made us grab 3-4 garbage bags of caps each…and we threw them in the dumpster of the building next door. We didn’t even use our own trash. Probably because Aveda can take away their franchising rights if they find any infractions.

Also Aveda is owned by Estee Lauder so there is literally nothing natural about them. And they test on animals.

6. That’s really gross.

Most dairy coolers in stores are riddled with mold.

7. Watch out, people.


My friend from panera worked over 40 hours a week multiple weeks, and her boss would cut her hours at 40 and not even pay her a regular wage for the extra hours. She reached out to corporate about it, and they did nothing.

8. Remind me not to work or order from Domino’s ever again.

Worked at Domino’s in college. Our franchisee made it a fireable offense to call in sick. If you missed a scheduled shift, it would be considered quitting, and you wouldn’t get put on the schedule ever again.

As a result, workers would come in to work INCREDIBLY ill and still make your food. I once witnessed a coworker begin to make a pizza, stop to go puke in the bathroom, than continue making the pizza.

9. Screw it; I don’t work there anymore.

If you ordered any vodka; Grey Goose Belvedere Titos Ketel one, etc You are getting Blue Ice vodka. Owner of the bar would pour cheap vodka into those bottles. I refused to do it myself, so he would do it. I made phenomenal money there, 350-500 a shift so i never said shit about it. After i quit i let people know. Was shut down 3 months after

Fuck that guy.

10. What a waste of time and money.

Ruby Falls is fake. Their waterfall is pumped in. It’s artificial. The formations are paint and plastic and styrofoam or occasionally purchases from other caves halfway across the country. They lie about the height of the falls. Like not a little exaggeration, they claim it’s almost twice as high as it is. Most of the stories your tour guides tell you are made up. Unless they have gray hair their funny quips about past tours are mostly bs. The employees are not told any of this and have to piece it together on their own. A lot of management legitimately doesn’t know. The tour guides know and don’t care, the ones that do care quit. They threaten to sue employees who ever reveal any of this EVEN TO FELLOW EMPLOYEES!

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