Movie Theater Employee Gives Regular Coke Instead Of Diet, And Here’s How Internet Responds

Food allergies are serious.

One must not joke around with the wrong ingredients, as for some it could mean a difference between life and death.

People in the food service industry know and acknowledge the severity of food allergies. Sadly, certain individuals in the service sector take great pleasure in playing around with the special instructions.

This issue has recently been highlighted by an Imgur user Amrikia. Someone boasted about deliberately serving regular Coke instead of Diet coke which they asked for. Amrikia responded with all her vigour and highlighted the severity of this criminal joke.

Many people joined in this conversation and shared their painful experiences because of the criminal negligence of the food servers. There were individuals with the Celiac disease being purposely served with food containing gluten and people with stomach ulcers served with whole milk instead of the Soya milk they asked for.

It seems that for some malicious people it’s just fun to make the lives of others miserable. But they should think about the agony and the serious repercussions their seemingly enjoyable prank can cause.


It’s about their health. You don’t know their lives. Their reasons could very well be medicinal.

Just don’t be that kind of person


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