A Writer Had An Emotional Conversation With A Room Full Of 4th Graders And This Story Will Warm Your Heart

Are we sure these kids belong in the 4th grade?

You’ll know what I am talking about once you read the following posts. I would never have thought that young kids would be this much more open-minded than mature adults. It seems like we really should try to learn from our kids rather than doing the opposite.

You see, it all started when Slade, a writer, visited a class of 4th graders for Teacher Appreciation Week and Mother’s Day. However, it didn’t go as he expected. It turns out; young kids are a lot more inquisitive than we give them credit for.

Following are the questions that they were clamoring to ask him.

Source: Twitter

But first, let’s meet Slade, shall we?


And so it begins.

That sounds like such a good time though!

Oh damn, I have no idea what’s coming next.

10-year-olds have come a long way it seems.

I need to write these questions down for truth and dare.

Right for the hard ones!


Read or not, here you come!

Oh wow, that is so encouraging actually.

I only hope that all of us were like this.

I can totally understand.

We really do wish these 4th graders all the best in their life.

It’s not like I ~misjudged~ these kids or had any preconceived notions. just don’t know what today’s fourth graders know about love and sexuality and gender and all its modern permutations.

I’m glad it went down the way it did, but it’s not like I expected them to throw tomatoes at me after the big reveal.

One other takeaway: This isn’t about indoctrination or pushing an agenda, that was a simple answer to a simple question, and it’s a great reminder that homophobia is passed-down learned behavior.

I’m thankful that these kids hadn’t learned it. They couldn’t have cared less about who I choose to live my life with.


The rest of Twitter was just as supportive as the 4th graders.


Hopefully these kids stay the same.



We need more people like these in our World.


Me too.


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