This Hilarious “Emergency Help Wanted” Ad On Craigslist Will Have You In Stitches

Ever lied on a resume?

I don’t mean a huge lie! Just a teensy, little white one. Won’t harm anyone, just make you look better so your employer can hire you. Most people have given a little fib, but man, it’s nothing like what this one guy did.

He lied about having a child. Not only did he lie about that, he lied about having a wife, and he made up an entire life story for them! Hell, he even made his “wife” out to be a defense attorney and brought in macaroni art that his “kid” made.

It was ridiculous!

You think that’s bad? He’s looking to rent a kid to cement his lie!

Yep! Not only did he double down instead of coming clean, he was willing to hire actors to play the part of the lives he made up. From his “Little Picasso” child to his “named after her grandmother” wife Maggie. It’s absurd.

His lies have spiraled out of control and the poor guy is doing his best to handle it.

The thing that really tickled people pink was the “serious inquiries only”. I mean, come on, there’s no way this could be real, could it? No one would actually go to such lengths to create something like this!

The internet had a field day.

He didn’t need to do something so elaborate! He could have gone away with saying the kid was sick!

People shared their own little lies.

And offered some safety nets for their hero.

LostWallet gave him the best advice ever.

Source: Imgur

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