Someone Created A Emergency Survival Black Friday Guide And It’s Morbidly Hilarious

Black Friday can be brutal.

And I don’t mean the brutal sales.

Have you ever seen how wild people are once the doors of the shop are opened? It’s like a zombie apocalypse.

That is why I always like to shop for the discounted objects online. While yes, they may run out of stock, at least I’ll have my head where it is supposed to be. But for those who work in the stores where the sale is happening,here’s a survival guide for .

If you are new at this. You might want to give this guide a close read. This might even save your life one day.

While this may seem like a good idea, shoppers are not fazed by this. Trust me.

Via College Humor

Who would want to by Dr Dre headphones in the first place?

Via College Humor

She probably only wanted you to keep the waffle iron safe. You done f*cked up.

Via College Humor

So what did we learn today kids?

Via College Humor

Was this guide any helpful or was it too late for you? Comment on below and let us know!

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