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People Shared Embarrassing Stories That Are So Cringey That It'll Make You Want To Turn Inside Out

People Shared Embarrassing Stories That Are So Cringey That It’ll Make You Want To Turn Inside Out

Life is filled with unmentionable moments.

And that is totally fine. I mean, humans are naturally awkward beings so falling on your butt in the middle of a crowd once in a while is perfectly okay (Unless your butt really hurts, then it’s okay to complain)

Usually however, we tend to store these embarrassing moments at the hidden corners of our brains. Although some people shared these moments so here they are.

#1 Milk me.

I had just started a new job and was trying to bond with my new colleagues in the kitchen while on a tea break. So far, so good – that is, until I needed the milk for my brew.

Rather than politely asking if I could borrow it, for a reason still unknown to myself I blurted out “MILK ME” and followed it with a nod in the direction of the milk, only making the situation creepier and more awkward.

-Zoë Barber, Facebook

#2 Mortified.

At work I told a little boy to not run with his arms in his shirt, then the dad told me he had no arms. I was mortified!


Via Bravo

#3 Clique.

I showed up late to a Girl Scout meeting, and when I arrived they were doing an activity about cliques. I had never seen the word written down, so I said out loud ‘But I don’t know what a cliche is!’

Everyone looked at me like I was an idiot until someone finally said ‘…it says clique’. Unable to admit my mistake and desperately wanting to save face.

I couldn’t just let it go and instead said ‘Well, you can also spell cliche that way. It’s an alternate spelling.’ I think about it every couple of months and just relive the embarrassment all over again.

-Amy Lamb, Facebook

#4 The sober surprise.

Mine was just at my corner shop buying wine. I hadn’t drank yet so was completely sober and when the man handed me my change.

I meant to say ‘lovely, thank you’ but actually said ‘love you’.

-Laura Dixon, Facebook

#5 Horrible teacher.

So when I did DofE at school, one of the teachers was just a misery. Just nasty. So when I got back to school, I was talking with two of my friends and this one girl I didn’t recognize was with them.

I was talking about DofE and said, “Mr S is a horrible person!” and had a mini rant about him.

When I finished, my two friends looked at each other, then at me, and then really nervously started giggling. The girl, it turned out, was Mr S’ daughter.

-Henry McClintock, Facebook


#6 Thank you indeed.

I was a server and I got tired of saying the same farewell to every table so I always tried to change it up.

One time I’d settled the bill with two older gentlemen and I was trying to say ‘Thanks for coming!’ or ‘Thanks for letting me serve you!’ but nope.

I said ‘Thanks for letting me come!’. They both laughed and as I walked away to die I heard one say ‘Well, you’re welcome.’ Forever the worst moment of my life.


#7 Strange arm.

I once walked up to my dad at a grocery store, held on to his arm, noticed he had apple juice and said “great, I love apple juice”.

This would have been fine if this guy was actually my dad. It was just some random that didn’t tell the stranger on his arm to go away.


#8 Leave Brittany alone!

One time me and my friends were talking about Britney Spears, because she is a goddess.

So we start singing Toxic and one do them giggles and says ‘leave Britney alone!!!!!’ At the time I didn’t know It was a video so I just responded with a very surprised and hurt tone ‘Why? I LOVE Britney.’

They laughed about it for two weeks.


#9 A good wanking.

When I first moved to Spain, I asked for “una paja” with my drink.

The barman looked slightly pleased with himself but he didn’t get me the straw I thought I’d asked for.

It turns out that straw in Spanish is “pajita” whereas I had asked for a wank.



#10 Like mum used to make.

I was waitressing and we had an Italian soup on as a special. I was trying to explain the soup and in the middle of the restaurant turned round and said in an Italian accent “like a mumma used to make”.

The couple did not find it in the slightest bit amusing and I had to avoid that table for the whole night!

-Lucy Constable, Facebook

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