People Share Most Embarrassing Email Fails And We All Can Relate So Hard

We desperately need an unsend button on our emails.

This has happened to almost every one of us, and it is a genuine problem. We mistype a word in a hurry or insert something wholly inappropriate and hit the send button without taking another look. This could be destructive, people!

Take a look at how these people went a little too far in making mistakes and a total fool of themselves. I bet you’re going to go crazy over the last one.

1. This is just the beginning.

2. Eeek!

3. The smart kind!

4. The wee hours.

5. I really hope it did not leave a bad impression on them.


6. Your friend must have had a good laugh at it.

7. What’s a seedy reply?

8. I think they just typed how they were feeling at the moment.

9. Oh, those holy emails.

10. Apology accepted?


11. How do you know they fart nicely?

12. That is, after all, the best of the regards.

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