Artist Illustrates How Elusive True Love Really Is And It’s Gorgeous

True love isn’t an easy goal.

It’s difficult to find and even harder to maintain. Artist and illustrator Nono Astro Irareza has taken to Instagram to post creations of his own that depict his perspective on why love is hard to find. As well as what true love is supposed to look like.

He boasts 43.5K followers on his Instagram and his work easily shows us why he deserves more.

Source: Instagram

#1 Wearing a wolf.

#2 Wishing you were here.

#3 Different values.

#4 On the up & up.

#5 Troublemakers.

#6 Unicorn swing.

#7 Lost in space.

#8 Smoke away the pain.

#9 Sink or swim. Your choice.

#10 Calculating simplicity.

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