Elle Recreated Classic Paintings With Real People And The Results Are Brilliant

Elle Brazil has recreated these five vintage masterpieces, and it’s simply amazing.

The famous magazine in Brazil is paying tribute to the history of art. They have recreated these beautiful iconic artworks using real people to feature in the covers of their December 2017 issue covers. This isn’t the first time that famous paintings like these have been recreated and every time it’s even more impressive than the last ones. Elle magazine in Brazil has assembled a team of artists and world-class actors and models to replicate the paintings and bring them to life.

You are about to witness some deep dimensions in these mystical pieces of art. Scroll down to see Elle Brazil’s covers below:

1. Birth of Venus

Artist Sandro Botticelli’s bold painting was recreated embodying a beautiful transgender model, Lea T.

2. Mona Lisa

Leonardo Da Vinci’s unforgettable painting featured actress Sonia Braga portraying timeless beauty.

3. The kiss

Actors Tais Araujo and Lázaro Ramos were chosen for Gustav Klimt’s ethereal piece of artwork which shows beauty goes beyond skin color.

4. The Scream

The Brazilian theater star José Celso Martinez Corrêa brought life to Edvard Munch’s original.

5. Joiners

David Hockey’s inventive painting depicts an awe-inspiring uniqueness highlighted by composer Caetano Veloso.

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