This Artist Creates Eerie One Shot Gifs That Will Keep You Up Tonight

How can something be horrific and beautiful at the same time?

That is the question you might want to ask the artist that created the following haunting one-shot gifs. These are sure to give you nightmares but will also make you marvel at the artist’s hard work.

These gifs have been created by the very talented Brian Coldrick, and he definitely deserves recognition, so that is why we are here. He posts most of his work on his Tumblr page, and you should go check it out.

Now, I will not hold you any longer since we all know what you are here for. Becoming an insomniac, so scroll on below and take a look.

Source: Tumblr

#1 Wait, Did that monster help?

#2 Ah, Mommy just checking in.

#3 Maybe a guardian demon looking over this girl’s shoulders.

#4 Cats always know evil.

#5 Judging by the walls, maybe he shouldn’t.

#6 On the second thought, I’d rather go to sleep.

#7 Is he whispering in the Grandma’s ear or what?

#8 Don’t think the animal is the prey here.

#9 Maybe the pumpkin head is angry at the boy?

#10 I think I hate clowns even more than before now.

#11 Grandma has quite a huge head.

#12 Is it mermaid’s tear perhaps?

#13 Don’t think you are getting out of here any time soon.

#14 Didn’t he hear that curiosity killed the cat?

#15 Okay, That is my worst nightmare come to life.

What did you think of these gifs? Comment down below and let us know.

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