Ed Sheeran’s Security Guard Has An Instagram, And It’s Way More Entertaining Than His Boss’s

So now security guards are way cooler than the actual celebrities.

And not just any security guard! We are talking about the beloved Ed Sheeran’s personal guard and apparently his best bud right now. But we all know that doesn’t last long.

Kevin Myers started the job of protecting the heartthrob in 2015 after Ed had a little incident with his fans. But now, as it seems, they are quiet inseparable. And to prove it, he created an Instagram account and got around 270,000 followers only after his very first post on April, 7th!

Hregularly shares photos of Ed, and himself and we totally feeling jealous. Not just that, he adds some hilarious captions to attract the followers and man, is he funny!

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Say hi to Kevin Myers; the famous security guard.

The brotherly-loving bond between them is just too adorable!

And obviously, everywhere Ed goes, Kev is right beside him.

What a perfect combo.

And Kev be like: “I’m in love with the shape of you”

Like a little child.

“How dare he!?”

Gosh, he really is proud of himself.

What a protective bae. No?

How romantic! LOL

Looks like he’s about to eat him alive.

Oh Kev, you’ll always be the daddy!


And that’s how you do it!

Rich people problems.

Much swag!

Apparently, they are both on the same track.

Ed Sheeran photo bombing. Just perfect!

Once in a blue moon, eh?

Isn’t that kinda mean…?

Gosh, he’s too funny!

Chillin’ like there’s no tomorrow.

Not at all weird.

Enjoying life. LIKE A BOSS!

So it looks like they both have become quiet close to each other. And it shows why. Jealous much? You don’t need to be! It’s not like he’s with a girl in these photos or something.

Find out more on Instagram.

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