Ed Sheeran Shared A Hilariously Strange Fact About Beyoncé And Proved That She’s Genius

Beyoncé takes her privacy very seriously.

Of course, when you have the whole world obsessing over you, your privacy should be your priority. However, Ed Sheeran revealed in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight that Beyoncé changes her email every week.

It isn’t easy to get a hold of Beyoncé.

“I have an email address I email [to get in touch with Beyonce],” Sheeran revealed. He added that the email “actually changes every week. So I emailed that and we got on the phone, and it’s been in the works since May.”

I’ve been using the same email since I was 12, using a different email every week must be weird! Sheeran went on with more details on Thursday:

“The original version of ‘Perfect’ was just an acoustic guitar and she rung me up and was like, ‘I don’t know how you feel about this but I’ve taken all the instruments off it and it’s just gonna be acoustic guitar,’ and I was like, ‘Ah that’s great, because it used to be that!'”

“Then when we got in together, it wasn’t so much notes, it was very much like a back and forth thing, like, ‘What’d you think of this?’ Or ‘What do you think of this?’ and [we were] probably in the studio for four hours.”

“She was just like, ‘Right!’ Went in, one take, came out, like, ‘Yeah, that sounds alright!'”

That is a lot of devotion to your privacy, and people applauded her for it.


I love how he can’t stay quiet about anything.

She is the queen of everything.

Some people dragged politics in.

Queen Of Stealth.

What is this guy on about? Everyone loves Ed!


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