10+Tweets That Will Make You Laugh Hard If You Have A Really Dumb Sense Of Humor

Talk about having a good sense of humor. If you have a good sense of humor, then you are probably the one in your squad who steals the spotlight every time. Everyone simply loves you; you are irresistible!

Now let’s talk about having a DUMB sense of humor. Yes, that’s right. Having a dumb sense of humor. If you happen to have that, then you probably know that you can pretty much turn regular conversations into silly jokes, and convert ordinary situations into very awkward and hilarious situations. In other words, you are legendary.

Here is a collection of tweets from people who will show you what’s it like having a really dumb sense of humor and it’s bound to make you laugh. Doubt it? Then scroll down and have a look at it yourself!

#1 *Facepalm*

 #2 The bat WHAT?

#3 Its payback, b*tch.

#4 This one is so smooth.

#5 What were you even thinking, brent?

#6 No wonder.


#7 Epic fail.

#8 Best pun ever.

#9 Poor homie.

#10 Major important!

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