10+ Anti-Vaxxers Who Are So Dumb That It Should Be Illegal For Them To Have An Opinion

Protecting a child’s life is apparently a choice.

I mean, it’s not like children can’t make their own decisions, right? And their parents have to do what’s best for them. Apparently, parents can do whatever they want to risk their child’s life based on false stories and claims.

I honestly thought Flat Earth Society was ‘unique’, I never thought that there was a community for anti-vaccination. Because rather than doing something stupid alone, why not do it together and risk more lives, right?

And following are some of the Tweets from such people which will probably infuriate you to no end. But what can we actually do?

#1 You don’t want her to get vaccinated but piercings are fine at 6 month old? Right.

Via Guardian2k

#2 Ah yes, homeopathic is definitely the best course of action.

Via reddit

#3 Great! Vaccines now hurt dogs too?

Via Jemima-Racktool

#4 I really hope that this was a joke.

Via arcadeganondorf

#5 Right, Diseases are completely ‘mad-made’.

Via Jemima-Racktoo

#6 So you’re essentially ripping people off then?

Via kmerian

#7 They are the dumbasses here?

Via SendMeYourDoggos

#8 That definitely sounds like a completely true story.

Via April5th

#9 Natural selection at it’s best.

Via Jemima-Racktool

#10 Oh man, I didn’t know essential oils could cure illnesses.

Via slobberinganusjockey

#11 Lying is never the answer.

Via decafgeek

#12 Everyone can believe what they want to believe even if they have no proof of it, right?

Via kmerian

#13 Actual science at it’s best.

Via Not-Patrick

Which side do you support? Are you against vaccination? If so, comment down below and let us know why.

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